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7 V 2017


The oldest Robotics Festival in Poznan is an annual event you cannot miss. If you’re a contender - start building, programming and putting all parts together to face best robots in your category. If you’re a parent - gather your children and come to show them the newest technologies at your fingertips. Never had a chance to watch robot fights LIVE? We can all see it together! There will be plenty of attractions for the youngest visitors. Incredible Lego Mindstorms robot-building workshops will stimulate the creativity of future engineers, who will have the occasion to start their adventure with robotics. Moreover, there will be a competition for the audience in leading “Light Followers” - independently from registration-requiring categories. Each participant will have an occasion to lead a robot with a flashlight, helping it to get to the end as fast as possible. For older participants of the Festival we prepared a series of open lectures and presentations. We invite everyone interested in the technology of tomorrow on Saturday, 7th of May to Poznan University of Technology Conference Center, Piotrowo 2 street.

7 V 2017

Über das Festival

Das älteste Festival der Robotik im Posen ist das jährliche Fest, die ihr nicht verpassen könnt. Bist du ein Wettkämpfer – bastele, programmiere und bereit dich vor, um mit den besten Roboten in der Katagorie zu messen. Bist du ein Elternteil – nimm deine Kinder mit und zeig ihnen die neusten Technologie. Wir haben für euch eine große Vielfalt der Attraktionen vorbereitet – nicht nur für die Erwachsenen, aber auch für Kinder. Die tollen Lego Mindstorms Robot Workshop ist eine einmalige Angelegenheit für die Kinder um Fantasie erregende Abenteuer mit der Robotik zu erleben. Außer der Anmeldung gibt es Light Followers Wettbewerb für das Publikum, in dem jeder Teilnehmer einen Roboter mit einer Taschenlampe führen kann. Für die Erwachsenen haben wir eine Reihe der Vorträge und Präsentationen geplannt. Wir laden alle Robotik- und Technikenthusiasten am Sammstag, den 7. Mai zum Poznan University of Technology Conference Center ein. Unsere Adresse: Piotrowostrasse 2, Posen, Polen.


Every year crème de la crème of Cyberbot Robotics Festival is Robots Competition. This year the constructors will be challenged in six categories, each one with different rules and difficulty. No worries – a clear and well-written guide will help You to understand rules and enjoy struggles of electronic sumos, mice and linefollowing torpedoes. For now let’s just take a look at short description of those:


Minisumo+ is a younger brother of Sumo robot (a fierce one, though!). Rules remain the same but this fellow has to fit into a box of 15×15 cm. Dimension restriction require additional effort from their creators.


Linefollower requires incredible invention and caring about details. Robot has to drive a road marked with a black line at warp speed, no human driver included. Not only engines are important – it’s about the whole structure, from wheels to the shape of the chassis. Don’t miss Robotics Formula 1!


No rules here! Bring your constructions, make it flash its LEDs, brew coffee or solve Rubik’s cube. Appearance is of no importance, utility despised – it’s the jury and audience you need to enchant! Freestyle is a wonderful show of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.


Micromouse – introduced to our Festival this year! Robots’ task is to find a way to the center of a huge labirynth. It is a really difficult task – solving the maze requires profound knowledge in machine learning.


Don’t hesitate to contact us! Direct your questions to

Cyberbot Robotics Festival 2017
Piotrowo 2A, Poznań
Date: 07.05.2017
Poznan University of Technology
Coordinator: Krzysztof Stężała
Phone no.: +48 603 872 297

Design and implementation: Aleksandra Bujak & Jakub Niechciał