How can I register?

 To start registration you should click on the link on the main web. After verification of the registration by email, you will be able to add your robot to the competition clicking on  ‘Add new robot’. You can make sure checking if your robot appeared in ‘My robots’.


When and where will the Festival of Robotics Cyberbot take place?

 Festival will take place on 7n may 2017 in Lectre Centre of Poznan University of Technology at the street Piotrowo 2a. In case of doubt about Festival location use map in ‘How to arrive?’.


Can I register more than one robot?

 Yes. If you click on ‘Add new robot’ you can add next robot. Remember that you can control data about your robots in ‘My robots’.


Can I register two robots which will take part in different categories?

 Yes. You can register two robots which will take part in different competitions. Adding robot in ‘Add new robot’ remember to choose appropriate category for each robot.


How can I contact with organizers?

Send email to as at adress This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I want to change informations about robot. What should I do?

Remove your robot in 'My Robots', and add new robot with correct data. 


I don’t know which category choose for my robot. 

If you don’t know  which category you should choose for your robot, you can check it in regulations of each category which are available in 'Rules of competition'.